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Meet JamesJames Greene

James G, stage IV rectal cancer Boynton Beach, Florida

James' Story

I was diagnosed in May 2010 with rectum cancer, had surgery at Cleveland Clinic in Florida with Dr. Wexner who removed the tumor and made a J Pouch along with a Ileostomy, staged at 3. Had the Ileostomy reversal in September 2010. December 2010 found a tumor on my liver - updated stage to 4, so in January 2011 had the Radiofrequency Ablation then started the 12 Folfox sessions of chemo. December 2011 found another tumor on my liver so in February 2011 had a liver resection in Miami with Dr. Joe Levi who took out 60% of my liver. Followed that up with the chemo pill for 8 months and all test since then have been clear. So I am 5 years out and very happy to still be around.

What One Million Strong means to James

As a team we can get the word out and save people and cure cancer.

James' Advice

Live each day as your last keep your sense of humor. More... Share your story! Read other One Million Strong Stories! Sign up for the latest Fight CRC news!