Meet the One Million Strong – James Meadows, MD


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James-Meadows OMSHow do YOU define One Million Strong? One Million Strong means I am not alone.  I have a million others to count on, and a million others counting on me.  It means I can face my challenges today with confidence and strength, because no matter what size the challenge, it falls in the shadow of my team. Where have you drawn strength? I draw strength from everyone around me.  My children, my family, my patients, my colleagues, my faith.  And then I try to pass my strength on to others. Who is your champion? For most all I have accomplished in life, I credit my mother. For all I want to accomplish in life, I do for my children. For the daily examples of what true courage and strength mean, I watch my patients. What is one piece of advice you would like to share with others? Learn to rely on the generosity of others and be willing to ask for it. I AM a father, doctor, friend, provider, leader, and follower. I AM blessed to be just one of a much larger group of individuals, with the daily privilege of providing care to patients living with cancer.  My purpose is to learn who they are, discover what they need, and restore quality to their lives.  And in return, be inspired by them. I AM STRONG! Want to share your story? Submit yours today!