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Karen Ross, survivor Pine Mountain Club, CA

Karen's Story

I went in for a baseline colonoscopy five years late,  the procedure couldn't be completed due to baseball-sized malignant mass.  The mass was removed and a colon resection was done 10 days later; this was a full-open abdominal surgery. The mass was encapsulated so there was no evidence of metastasis in adjacent tissues.  My case was presented to the local tumor board comprised of surgeons & oncologists, the surgeons recommended no further treatment, but the oncologists recommended a prophylactic round of chemo.  We opted for no treatment. I had follow-up appointments each year for the next three years, a couple of  benign polyps were found and removed, but that's it. I am now five years cancer-free! I have been VERY vocal with my family & friends in passing the word to get colonoscopies.  I consider my case a perfect example of why the baseline colonoscopy should NOT be postponed!

What One Million Strong means to Karen

Health, strength, support & success in the face of colorectal diseases.

Karen's Advice

Don't procrastinate!


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