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Laura-Kovacs Share StoryHow do YOU define One Million Strong? Millions of people dedicated to fighting the good fight against colon cancer by teaching the importance of early screening, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and also aiding those either with colon cancer or the people who are caregivers or family how to help and be strong! Where have you drawn strength?  My husband and I have drawn strength from our family and friends. Their prayers and well wishes helped more than they will ever know! Who is your champion?  My husband, because through it all he has always remained cheerful and positive, even though I knew there were moments when he was terrified. He has unbelievable strength! What is one piece of advice you would like to share with others?Never EVER give up! My husband's situation was dire back in March, and just today we found out that all the signs of the colon cancer are GONE!!! After a bit of radiation and chemo is finished in September, he will be officially CURED!! So please, fight as hard as you can, and never give up! I AM a wife. I AM winning! My husband has been fighting colorectal cancer for months. It's been really hard, but we know that he is winning! I AM STRONG! Want to share your story? Submit yours today!