Marilis-Cruz-Newark-DelawareMeet Marilis

Marilis Cruz, family member Newark, Delaware

Marilis's Story

I lost my mom five months ago and the only thing that keeps me going is raising awareness. I never thought this could happen to me or my family. My mother was a fighter! She beat cancer in 2012 and fought to get her strength back. In January 2015, the cancer came back stronger than before and her exact words were "I'm strong. I will fight this." She never showed an ounce of fear. My mom was positive and fought until the end. Days before she passed she was smiling and laughing. My mother had so much faith in God and I hope to be half the woman she was.

What One Million Strong Means to Marilis

It means I'm not alone!

Marilis's Advice

Never give up hope! Have faith and stay strong.


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