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Haley-Robert Share-StoryHow do YOU define One Million Strong? For me being able to fight colorectal cancer has required a change in my basic philosophy. The old me that handled all problems internally was just not working. For me to survive this long I had to build support groups starting at the core with my family. They are at the center of the fight every day and they need compassion and support also. The second line of defense was the medical professionals that provide the tools to keep fighting, not just the chemo and surgeries. They provide that care that you can both see and feel. You can tell that they are providing the best care possible. The third line of defense is friends and coworkers. At times it can be tough but it still is important that you keep them informed on how you are doing and to be able to accept help when needed. Finally, support like One Million Strong provides the energy to keep all the survivors pushing the same way. As a large group we can push for increased funding for research to possibly find that magic bullet for our cure for as many of us as possible. Where have you drawn strength?  I've drawn strength from family, friends, University of Texas Medical Group (UTMB) and the UTMB cancer support group. Who is your champion?  There are dozens of doctors, nurses staff, my family...there are way too many to list. What is one piece of advice you would like to share with others?  If at all possible, don't go through this alone.  Build your support groups. I AM a father. I AM a captain, researcher, support group developer, friend, and fighter. I AM STRONG! Want to share your story? Submit yours today!