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ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Feb. 1, 2015) — Sex. Intimacy. Relationships. In Feb. 2016 the advocacy organization Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) will release a series of Sexual Health and Intimacy episodes as part of the Taboo-ty podcast series. Dr. Michael Krychman, a clinical sexual counselor and expert leader in sexual heath, and hosts from Fight CRC will interview survivors to address common questions and issues many patients face but do not know how to ask.

“In working with colorectal cancer patients, we’ve recognized the lack of information regarding sexual health and intimacy AND the discomfort patients often feel in bringing it up with partners and their healthcare team,” said Andi Dwyer, director of health promotion at Fight CRC.

In the series, Fight CRC’s patient resources coordinator Sharyn Worrall interviews each guest with Dr. Krychman. She notes, “This podcast series gets very candid with patients and experts about issues many individuals face. We hope to offer tips for those needing help or encouragement in tackling these private matters.”

The episodes will be released each Monday in February:

Episode One – Released Feb. 1: Overview by Dr. Michael Krychman on how cancer treatment affects sexual health during and after cancer treatment. (Listen now!)

Episode Two – Released Feb. 8: Interview with a married couple of 18 years on how colorectal cancer impacted sex and intimacy after a wife’s diagnosis. (Listen now!)

Episode Three – Released Feb. 15: Interview with a colorectal cancer survivor diagnosed in his late 20s discussing sexual self-esteem, talking with healthcare professionals and intimacy issues for LGBTQ individuals. (Listen now!)

Episode Four – Released Feb. 22: Interview with a newly married colorectal cancer survivor diagnosed in her early 20s discussing sexual intimacy amongst young couples and its impact on family planning.

“It’s very important for a patient’s quality of life that they can discuss openly all concerns regarding their health, including sexual health and intimacy,” said Dr. Krychman. “I hope patients will be encouraged by listening to our interviewed guests who discuss common struggles, yet also take away practical advice and suggestions for creating fulfilling, sexual intimate relationships.”

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