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Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) convened patient advocacy and business leaders in colorectal cancer (CRC) met with staff from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (WHOSTP) as well as various federal agencies on July 25 to discuss how we can work together to respond to the President’s Cancer Moonshot and close the key gaps and barriers to CRC screening identified in the President’s Cancer Panel Report. This is the first time ever that a group representing the colorectal cancer community has joined together with the federal government in this way to work toward common goals. 

Engage, so the White House Hears and Sees You! 

We got here because of you. This past March as part of United in Blue, you raised your voices, shared your stories and told our elected officials that colorectal cancer needs to be a national priority. The White House heard you. 

But we can’t stop there. Today, we are asking you, “What is your CRC Moonshot?” What is your BIG ‘moonshot’ dream” for colorectal cancer treatment, prevention, research, or beyond. Post yours with the hashtag #MyCRCMoonshot on Twitter. Use the click-to-Tweet tool below to get started or craft your own message for the President and First Lady. 

#MyCRCMoonshot Examples

  • #MyCRCMoonshot is a cure for #ColorectalCancer. @POTUS @FLOTUS @FightCRC #CancerMoonshot 
  • #MyCRCMoonshot is for everyone to become up to date on #ColorectalCancer screening. @POTUS @FLOTUS @FightCRC #CancerMoonshot 
  • #MyCRCMoonshot is for research to determine why so many young people are being diagnosed with #ColorectalCancer. @POTUS @FLOTUS @FightCRC #CancerMoonshot 

    LIVE Reaction 

    Fight CRC President, Anjee Davis and Marketing Director Andrew Wortmann went live following the White House meeting on Monday, July 25. Watch on Facebook and Instagram.

    More about the White House Meeting

    President Biden has identified the need for both policy solutions, as well as ideas for public-private partnerships to help reduce the death rate from cancer by at least 50% over the next 25 years and ensure that all Americans equitably benefit from the tools we have to prevent, detect, and diagnose cancer. Through this meeting, Fight CRC is seeking to develop a joint-advocacy and industry response to the President’s call to improve and increase access to colorectal cancer screening for all people. 

    Participants from the Meeting: 

    Carolyn “Bo” Aldigé - Prevent Cancer Foundation, Founder
    Alexey Aleshin, MD, MBA - Natera, General Manager, Early Cancer Detection
    Andrew Barnell, MBA - Geneoscopy Inc., CEO and Co-Founder
    Danielle Carnival, PhD - White House Cancer Moonshot, Coordinator
    Austin Chiang, MD, MPH - Medtronic, CMO Gastrointestinal
    Kevin Conroy - Exact Sciences, Chairman and CEO
    Erin Darbouze, MPH - Fight Colorectal Cancer, Health Policy Manager
    Anjee Davis, MPPA - Fight Colorectal Cancer, President
    Richard Goldberg, MD - Fight Colorectal Cancer, Board Member
    Greg Hamilton, MBA - Epigenomics, CEO
    Lisa Lacasse, MBA - American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), President
    David Lieberman, MD, AGAF - American Gastroenterological Association, Former President
    Molly McDonnell - Fight Colorectal Cancer, Director of Advocacy
    Arif Nathoo, MD, MPA - Komodo Health, Co-Founder and CEO
    Angela Nicholas, MD - Fight Colorectal Cancer, Board Chair
    Mike Nolan, MBA - Freenome, CEO
    AmirAli Talasaz, PhD - Guardant Health, Co-Founder and Co-CEO
    Catharine Young, PhD - Assistant Director for Cancer Moonshot Engagement and Policy

    Each organization at this meeting, including Fight CRC, has their own distinct policy priorities, programs, and initiatives. These patient advocacy and business leaders are intentionally coming together to support efforts that speak to their shared commitment of helping increase access to CRC screening for all Americans. 

    This past year has been an exciting time within the colorectal cancer community. Fight CRC is excited by the increase of momentum within the colorectal cancer community as we feel advocacy efforts making strides.  We have taken a pivotal role in creating national awareness of colorectal cancer, particularly through Call-on Congress and the United in Blue rally and installation, as well as this recent White House visit convening industry leaders, advocacy organizations, and – the center of all we do – the patient voice.

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    1. #MyCRCMoonshot is a cure for #ColorectalCancer. @POTUS @FLOTUS @FightCRC #CancerMoonshot

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