Take Action: Email Reps to Fix Medicare Loophole for Colonoscopy


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America's seniors are facing a Medicare policy loophole that can cost them hundreds of unexpected dollars for trying to protect themselves from colorectal cancer, the second leading cause of death from cancer.

We’ve teamed up with Prevent Cancer Foundation to rally our bases and ask our advocates to take action. Please email your members of Congress, asking them to co-sponsor the "Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act" (H.R. 1220 and S. 624). Just click on the link - with our new advocacy tools, emailing your reps has never been easier.

Email your member of Congress about this issue now.


70 thoughts on “Take Action: Email Reps to Fix Medicare Loophole for Colonoscopy

  1. 1 in 3 adults age 50+ is not being screened for colorectal cancer? That’s crazy! Pass the Bill!

  2. This is a serious issue, and yes, it’s easily treatable if caught very, very early. Please pass this bill for everyone, particularly those who cannot afford the screening due to lack of insurance, or poor insurance. Thank you.

  3. This bill should not even be debated. This is essential to saving lives–everyone should be able to receive this screenin

  4. Time to start caring about people’s health. I still can’t believe this is necessary. Pass the bill. It could be anyone in your family.

  5. Here in England, and I found out today that my relative has bowel cancer today. So, it’s more apt than ever, and always right, that we should help people win their fight, and remove any barrier that makes that any tougher.

  6. Being high risk for colon cancer myself, please don’t play games with this. It’s not an easy cancer to cure unless you catch it VERY VERY EARLY.

    I’m only 40; don’t condemn me to death.

  7. I won’t screen. Too much potential for adverse reactions. Deadly bacteria are being spread via the scopes. The whole industry is a scam. Regardless, people shouldn’t be getting screwed while they’re being screwed. My two cents on the matter.

  8. Pass this bill, please… it is important to have.

    My daughters best friend got colon cancer and is clear from it yet no one knew..I had a colonoscopy
    & was good I did…still have bouts with it if I eat to much dairy

  9. This will not only save lives to catch colon cancer earlier, it will save Medicare money spent for more expensive surgery and hospital stays later on. Nobody likes intrusive procedures; large co-payments are often the excuse for postponing this one. We need to remove the excuse and encourage older people to have the test and remove the polyps.

  10. It costs less to find & remove it than to treat the patient through the agonizing dying process. what if it were your mother/father/sister/brother/child? Or YOU?

  11. It’s time for you all to go back to work & actually work for the people you have sworn to protect. Pass the bill.

  12. These screenings are necessary in order to find the beginnings of colon cancer. It is much less costly to pay for a test than it is to pay for cancer care. It’s time for congress to pay attention to what’s important and do things that make sense rather than the idiotic things that are the norm these days.

  13. I really wish I could do this but I can’t as I am from the UK, but I really do hope that this bill gets passed so that more lives can be saved

  14. I thank the Lord that I live in the UK where anyone with cancer or indeed any disease, is treated free of charge regardless of how much money they have. From cradle to grave UK citizens are treated equally. I find it disgusting that America hasn’t a similar system for their citizens, after all you are a wealthy country and are supposed to be a 1st world country. All I can say is please pass the bill.

    i l

  15. Considering all the asses in Congress, particularly in the GOP, this should be a no-brainer issue. Screening saves money, time, and lives.

  16. What an inane way to handle a medical test that can save lives! The only way this screening is covered by Medicare is if another family member had polyps in his/her colon. In such a case, there is greater likelihood that you might, too, so Medicare will cover the costs. The problem, of course, is that many of us do not know if a parent or grandparent had had polyps at some point in their lives, perhaps long before we were born. Because of the costs associated with this screening, many people might well choose to forgo having it performed, all the while unaware that a family member might have had polyps or even colon cancer and being unaware of the very serious consequences of not being screened. This has to change if we really want our citizens to be healthy and to live productively WITHOUT GREAT COST TO MEDICARE AND THEMSELVES if colon problems can be detected early and remedied. Once serious colon complications develop, the medical bills can become astronomical, costing patients and Medicare far more than the simple screening and polyp removal would have cost at the beginning. This is not only a matter of common decency, but alos a matter of common sense.

  17. Medicare should be improving care for senior citizens who have worked and paid their taxes all the years of their lives. Dick Cheney who is way up there in years gets every benefit including a new heart at way over the age of 65. Why is the average working person getting less? Congress should pay more for their health care and give the working person a break.

  18. This bill should not even be debated. This is essential to saving lives–everyone should be able to receive this screening

  19. My dad had colorectal surgery when he was 79 years old. He was saved due to early diagnosis . I am voting for this Bill

  20. Please remove those barriers and pass the bill so people can be screen for cancer screening.

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