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Reducing the Burden of Polyps in FAP Patients

Patients with familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) are at a markedly increased risk for colorectal polyps and cancer. In fact, the risk of developing CRC is nearly 100% if FAP goes untreated and unmanaged. Therefore, there are multiple, critical management issues during the entire course of…

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Fight CRC Research Advocates Are Coming to Colorado

On August 15th, colorectal cancer survivors, caregivers, and champions will be traveling from all across the U.S. to meet in Colorado for an exciting two-day Research Advocacy Training and Support (RATS) Academy. The training and support program, affectionately known as RATS, brings together patient advocates…

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August 2018 Recipe

Summer is still in full swing and temperatures are high around a lot of the country. When it’s too hot to cook, what do you do? Order in? Eat cold leftovers? When you’re too tired and too hot to cook, try this incredibly easy, super…

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Meet the One Million Strong- Valarie Schlosser from Florida

Meet Valarie Survivor/ Patient Tampa, Florida Valarie’s Story I want to give back. I do not want anyone else to be a stage IV patient like me. I want to spread the awareness that early detection can save lives. I want to be apart of…

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Courage in the Bedroom

Addressing sexual health and intimacy can be a new and uncomfortable experience for anyone, especially those facing colorectal cancer and their partner(s). We asked Dr. Chelsea Holland, DHS, Relationship and Sex Therapist at The Intimacy Institute to help patients find courage in the bedroom. Chelsea…

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Lisa Spottswood

Meet the One Million Strong- Lisa Spottswood from Virginia

Meet Lisa Patient / Survivor Aquia, Virginia Lisa’s Story The issues I noticed that lead to my cancer diagnosis actually started right after our daughter Abriena was born in Jan. 2015. I had a lot of pain in my tail bone, and had bleeding that…

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Frankie Melendez

Meet the One Million Strong- Frankie Melendez from Arkansas

Meet Frankie Patient / Survivor North Little Rock, Arkansas Frankie’s Story From Jul. through Aug. 2015 I experienced four main colon cancer symptoms. At the time I did not know that these were symptoms that I needed to look out for. Those symptoms included severe stomach/abdominal…

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