Early Onset Think Tank Series: Part III

Date: June 25 @ 12:00 pm - June 25 @ 2:00 pm
Venue: Online

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Part III: Accelerating Progress in Global Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer Research: Key Strategies for Immediate Impact

Join Fight CRC for our Accelerating Progress in Global Early Onset Colorectal Cancer Research: Key Strategies for Immediate Impact webinar on June 25, 2024, from noon-2pm EST, as we continue with urgency and momentum the work from our December Early-age Onset Colorectal Cancer Think Tank. Be a part of exciting discussions!

In this high-octane gathering, we’re not just talking. We’re strategizing, mobilizing, and preparing to take action. We’ll be delving deep into the trenches of research advocacy, discussing how we can drive the global research agenda forward at full throttle.

But here’s the crucial part: We need YOU on the front lines. Your voice, your expertise, your insight. We’ll be discussing current shared wins and talk about progress and specific opportunities that lie ahead.

And most importantly, we’re not here for professional discourse. We’re digging in and doing the work to make a difference. We’re rolling up our sleeves and getting down to brass tacks, discussing the specific research and implementation strategies that will pack the biggest punch in our mission to prevent early-age onset colorectal cancer.

So, mark your calendars, gear up, and get ready to join us in the fight. Together, we can turn the tide against this persistent enemy. Victory is within reach—but only if we stand together relentlessly and fight as one.

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