Fight CRC's Free Helpline

Are you looking for support? Call Fight CRC’s toll-free patient and caregiver helpline.

  • Monday through Friday: 9am-9pm EST
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9am-5pm EST


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The helpline, a partnership between Fight CRC and the Cancer Support Community is offered to colorectal cancer patients and their families to access real-time support when needed. 

Resource Line — Call Toll-Free: 1-888-793-9355

This free call line is available in English and Spanish and offers translation services for more than 200 languages. 

Live assistance is available from 9 am-9 pm EST Monday through Friday, and 9 am-5 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday.

The call line does not offer medical advice but is for informational purposes only. Services offered include:

  • Connecting callers to local or national resources, including support groups, transportation services, and other programs
  • Short-term cancer counseling and emotional assistance
  • Treatment decision planning
  • Financial counseling regarding the costs of cancer and its treatments
  • Access to an online distress screening program, CancerSupportSource®
  • General information about the Cancer Support Community and Fight CRC

The Cancer Support Community runs a call center (Cancer Support Helpline) staffed by licensed mental health professionals and resource specialists who are experts at providing information and referrals to local, regional, and national resources, distress screening, decision-support counseling, and short-term counseling services. 

More Resources

You’re not alone in this fight. We’re here to welcome you into our community and connect you with others fighting alongside you.

Inspire Online Support Community

Fight Colorectal Cancer partners with Inspire to offer a safe, secure, and permission-based online support community. Inspire is the leading social network for health and offers a place where patients and caregivers can connect and support one another. You can join for FREE at any time.

Visit Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Inspire community