sparks-of-strength-fight-crcIf you’re looking for an easy, low-overhead event to engage your community, consider hosting a Sparks of Strength. This type of event remembers those we’ve lost and honors fighters who are surviving through a luminary ceremony.

About Luminary Ceremonies

A luminary ceremony most often includes some form of lighting. It usually involves placing a bag with a light inside of it as an affordable, simple memorial. Some choose to leave the bags undecorated, while others write names or decorate the outside of the bags. When you host the event, it’s your choice! Setup can be as simple or extravagant as you wish.

Get Started

We’re happy to give you all of the information and support you need. We even have supplies we can ship to make it easy for you. Tailor the event to your community’s interests and needs.

If you’d like to organize an event, we’re here to walk you through the steps. Please let us know you’d like to host an event and we will be in touch.