Your generosity funds important work that takes us one step closer to a cure every day. When you support Fight CRC, you directly support colorectal cancer patients. In 2017, we put 96 cents of every dollar donated directly into programs. Thank you for your confidence in our mission and passion for a cure.

There are many ways you can give through personal donations, fundraisers, online shopping and employer programs.

Personal Donations

Every dollar counts! When you donate, your money is in good hands. We’re a 4-star charity with Charity Navigator. We’re very proud of our high ranks for accountability and transparency. (See our review!)

On our online giving portal, you can make a one-time donation or recurring donation!

To mail a donation:  134 Park Central Square, Suite 210, Springfield, MO 65806

Recurring Donations

Make it easy on yourself. Join the Fighter’s Club and set up an automatic donation.  

Find your Friends’ Fundraiser

Is someone you know fundraising for Fight CRC? Find their fundraiser.

  • If they’re raising funds specifically for research, go here.
  • If they’re participating with No-Shave, go here.

Donate to Research

You may exclusively donate to colorectal cancer research at Fight CRC. Learn more about how funding research works.

Support with your Business

If you’re a business owner and want to donate a portion of the proceeds to Fight CRC, let’s talk! We also have several workplace-friendly fundraising ideas. Please contact Michell Baker.

Craig Campbell Screening Research DonationFundraising

Rally the troops. Get your friends to support the cause. There are several ways to fundraise for Fight Colorectal Cancer.

Online fundraising page

Create a page, upload pictures, personalize your message and let the support pour in! To get started, start your page. If you need help, read our FAQ and Troubleshooting guide.

“Round It Up” fundraiser

Get colorectal cancer awareness AND fundraising going at a local business! Host a tear sheet fundraiser.

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Sparks of Strength

Want to host an event? A Sparks of Strength luminary ceremony is an easy event with low-overhead and commitment. It honors and remembers those in your community who’ve fought colorectal cancer. This can be used for both awareness and fundraising.

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Host an event

Have a creative idea? Want to host a fundraiser in your area? Let’s talk! Our advocates have hosted BBQs and art and wine evenings, fashion shows, horseshoe tournaments and “sushi-thons.” To get ideas or get started, let us know you’re interested!

Donation Box

Display a Fight CRC donation box at your business and encourage patrons to support the cause – collect change for a cure! Order a free donation box!

Cardboard Box     Acrylic Box 


You can support Fight CRC by shopping on these websites that donate a portion of the proceeds from your sale back to us:

  • Amazon Smile *We’re listed under Fight Colorectal Cancer, Inc.* The original name (Colorectal Cancer Coalition) may still be showing for customers who have already selected Fight CRC as their organization. To correct this, existing supporters should temporarily select a different charitable organization and then re-select your organization again. This will allow the information to update and display the correct name.
  • Coupon Cabin
  • We-Care
  • eBay Giving Works

Employer Programs

Some employers will match your charitable contributions or get involved in raising money for an important cause. Here are a few ways to get your workplace involved:

Matching gifts

Some employers provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours, others may match charitable contributions employees make to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount you give! If you do not know if your employer offers a matching gift program, please check with your Human Resources department. If an employer matches your contribution, you will be credited with the original personal gift that you made.

Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) (i.e. Federal Tax Identification Number) is 20-2622550. Download our W9.

You may mail any employer workplace giving form to our office address. If you have any questions, please call our office line (703) 548-1225.

Payroll Deductions

Many companies offer their employees the opportunity to give to charities of their choice through the convenience of payroll deduction. This includes federal, state, county and other local government employees, as well as employees in the private sector.

Visit Double the Donation to learn the basics of workplace donation matching.

Our online donation form offers an “employer match” option where you can look and see if your employer participates; if not click the “Not in list?” link to work on setting it up!


If you are a government, state or local employee, if you participate in the United Way (donor choice) campaigns, or if your company conducts its own annual workplace giving drive, designate Fight Colorectal Cancer to receive your workplace contributions.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) – #78265

If you are a federal government employee, member of the U.S. Military or employee of the U.S. Postal Service and in Washington, D.C., you can support Fight Colorectal Cancer through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) which normally runs between September and December.

Please choose CFC#78265 to designate Fight Colorectal Cancer as your beneficiary. 

Community Health Charities

Fight Colorectal Cancer is a CFC participant through the Community Health Charities (CHC) – National Capital Area Federation.

Many corporations partner with CHC to enable their employees the opportunity to support our mission by contribution to us through their internal payroll deduction campaigns. To learn more about Community Health Charities, including how to create a workplace campaign at your organization, or how to include CHC in your existing workplace giving campaign, please call CHC at (800) 645-0845.

Visit Community Health Charities to learn more.

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