Rally on Research: Early-Age Onset Colorectal Cancer

June 24-25, 2021 | Virtual Event

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Join us for an interactive two-day Rally on Research, inspired and co-hosted by Dr. José Perea of Madrid, Spain. Come engage with other researchers, clinicians, and patient advocates to build a path toward a cure for early-age onset colorectal cancer (EAO CRC).  

Day 1: June 24

11AM – 3:30PM EST

Designed to amplify the patient voice, this is an opportunity for patients, caregivers, and clinicians to discuss efforts and challenges to improve patient care for the early-age onset community. Attendees will get a chance to meet colorectal cancer leaders from around the world.

Day 2: June 25

11AM – 3:30PM EST

Join us for a global research discussion among scientists who want to work together to advance research to understand and treat early-age onset colorectal cancer. This day is designed to ensure researchers and healthcare providers have time to discuss research needs and bridge gaps from a scientific perspective. Patients are welcome to attend.

Early-Age Onset Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is no longer a disease that only affects older populations. Early-age onset CRC is colorectal cancer diagnosed in a patient younger than age 50, and commonly referred to as “EAO CRC.” These patients and survivors face issues specific to younger populations, such as sexual health and family planning, as well as impacts to their careers.

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Who should register?

Patients, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals are invited to attend. Registration is free because we need your voice at the table! Mark your calendars & join us in June!

Tired of Zoom?

We are too. We partnered with the team at Hopin to ensure this experience is engaging and interactive.

We created a customized, virtual venue that is focused on ensuring you can connect and engage with other attendees. You will be able to move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections with other survivors and researchers!

Breakout Sessions

Join a breakout session on 6/25 from 2:00-2:45pm EST!

International Screening Guidelines & Implications for EAO CRC: Continuation of Panel DiscussionReview and discuss international screening recommendations with panelists and explore  research/intervention strategies Robert Smith, PhD – United States
Isaac Alatise, MD – Nigeria
Kevin Monahan, FRCP, PhD – UK
Stacey Fedewa, PhD, MPH – USA
Society Meets Biology – Disparities in EAO CRC: Continuation of the Panel DiscussionContinue the discussion with panelists regarding the complex factors contributing to EAO CRC disparities and potential strategies to improve health equity.Andreana Holowayji, PhD, MSCI – USA
Caroline Johnson, PhD – USA
Elena Stoffel, MD, MPH – USA
Suet Yi Leung, MD, MBBS – China
Immunotherapies – Considerations for the EAO CRC Population: Continuation of Panel DiscussionJoin other clinicians and researchers for a dedicated discussion of the state of immunotherapy research and opportunities to advance these treatments for EAO CRC patientsMichael Overman, MD – USA
Noel de Miranda, PhD – Netherlands
ResearchData Sharing – Challenges and Opportunities for EAO CRC ResearchThis group will discuss the challenges and strategies related to collecting, harmonizing, and sharing data in the context of EAO CRC research.Caitlin Murphy, PhD – USA
Jennifer Ose, PhD, MSc – USA/Germany
EAO-CRC Focused Clinics – Care Needs and Considerations for the Young Adult CRC PatientLearn more about integrated cancer clinics focused exclusively on care for EAO CRC patients.Andrea Cercek, MD – USA
Kimmie Ng, MD – USA
Germline and Somatic Tumor Testing – Implications for EAO CRC patientsEvaluation of germline & somatic mutations is important for treatment of EAO CRC. Join fellow researchers & clinicians for a discussion of the research.Heather Hampel, MS, CGC – USA
Peirong Ding, MD – China
Provider Education – Reducing Missed Opportunities for Diagnosis of EAO CRCProvider education is key to earlier diagnosis of EAO CRC. Join fellow clinicians and researchers for a strategy-focused discussion.Whitney Jones, MD – USA
Paul Schroy, MD, PhD – USA
José Perea Garcia, MD, PhD – Spain
ResearchContributions of the Gut Microbiome in EAO CRCThis discussion will focus on current efforts to advance understanding of if and how microbiome interactions are contributing to the rise of EAO CRC.Maria Rescigno, PhD – Italy
Michael White, MD, MSc – USA
ResearchMolecular Pathways of EAO CRCProgress has been made in the molecular characterization of early-onset CRC, but more work remains. Join fellow researchers for a discussion of the current efforts.Elena Elez, MD, PhD – Spain
Sam Shrivastava, MS – USA
Caregiving for EAO CRC Patients – Research, Care, and AdvocacyCaregivers are an essential part of the EAO CRC cancer journey. This discussion will focus on the experiences and challenges of caring for EAO CRC patients.Kristin Kilbourn, PhD – USA
Jennifer Ganser – USA
Survivorship Needs of EAO CRC Patients – Research, Care, and AdvocacyJoin researchers and advocates for a discussion of the unique challenges, needs, and resources for EAO CRC patients throughout their survivorship journey.Mary Jane Esplen, PhD – Canada
Yin Cao, ScD, MPH – USA
AdvocacyStorytelling and the Media – Tips for EAO CRC Survivors and Advocates to Get Media Ready This session is an opportunity to learn tips for sharing your cancer story with the media to raise awareness of EAO CRC and meet fellow advocates.Danielle Ripley Burgess – USA
Catie Young – Belgium 
AdvocacySkill Building for EAO CRC Research AdvocacyJoin in to learn more about research advocacy programs and how the patient voice can contribute to meaningful change for EAO CRC research.Reese Garcia, MPH – USA
Manju George, PhD, MSCv – USA
AdvocacyAdvocate Resource Meet-Up: Receive Resources & Meet with Other AdvocatesNo EAO CRC patient needs to fight alone. Connect with patient education specialists and fellow advocates to get resources on CRC and connect with others affected by EAO CRC.Mike Marosits – United States
Roberta Horgan – Ireland
AdvocacyBarriers to Care for EAO CRC Patients – Opportunities and Innovations: Discussion for AdvocatesWe want to hear from survivors and advocates on the barriers to quality cancer care so we can inform the research and policy community of opportunities to improve outcomes for EAO CRC patients.Molly McDonnell – USA
Asal Sayas – USA

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History of the Event

In 2019, Dr. José Perea, a colorectal cancer researcher in Madrid, Spain, shared his vision for an international research symposium that would bring together the sharpest minds focused on early-onset colorectal cancer (also called EAO CRC) with Fight CRC. 

A strong partnership was formed and the inaugural EAO CRC International Symposium was developed. The initial event in Denver, Colorado hosted 45 attendees from 4 countries. From this event, the Fight CRC EAO CRC Workgroup was formed. In 2020, the 2nd-annual symposium became a virtual event and grew to more than 500 registrants from 17 countries. 

In planning for our third year, our vision grew bigger. We wanted to include the patient voice in discussions and build a bridge between researchers, clinicians, and advocates. We felt it was imperative to create an engaging space to listen and learn from one another. 

To reflect our vision and growth, we renamed the annual event to Rally on Research. In 2021, we will rally to continue discussing EAO CRC and paving a collaborative path forward. 

Watch the 2020 Event 

2020 EAO CRC International Symposium

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