Catalyst Report: Year One

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Fight Colorectal Cancer’s (Fight CRC) Catalyst State-by-State Advocacy Program aims to accelerate progress toward turning aspirational colorectal cancer (CRC) screening goals into reality (80% screened) by increasing access and reducing barriers to CRC screening. Fight CRC provides funding and technical assistance to support grassroots activities and coalition-building at the state level that will lead to state-level legislative and policy changes to advance screening.

In year one this included:

  • Ensuring CRC screening coverage for insured populations to include 45-49-year olds, as is now recommended through American Cancer Society guidelines and draft United States Preventive Services Task Force guidelines
  • Removing patient cost-sharing for follow-up colonoscopies following a positive first-line CRC screening exam for insured populations

Download the full report to read more about the first year of Catalyst.