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Many complementary therapies, used along with conventional medicine, can support cancer treatments, reduce some of the adverse effects of cancer treatment, ease tension and pain, and contribute to overall health. This is known as integrative medicine. Integrative medicine can be a part of your plan throughout the entire treatment and survivorship experience.  In this webinar, we will talk about how integration can be helpful to you after a colorectal cancer diagnosis and your journey forward.

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About the Presenter

Lisa Corbin, M.D., FACP

Dr. Corbin is a board-certified internist, Associate Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  In 2001, she helped the University of Colorado Hospital establish the Center for Integrative Medicine (TCFIM) and has served as the Medical Director ever since.  Dr. Corbin works closely with oncologists in the community and from the University of Colorado Comprehensive Cancer Center to help their patients manage side effects of treatment, reduce chance of recurrence, and improve quality of life using lifestyle approaches and complementary / alternative medicine therapies that align with the patient’s values and interests.  Though Lisa has spent the past 20 years in Colorado, her roots are in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and she is a frequent attendee of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.  She loves the outdoor opportunities Colorado has to offer, even more so when she can enjoy them with at least one of her three daughters.