Medical Marijuana

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Experts have advised that smoking may increase the severity of respiratory symptoms that result from COVID-19. Therefore you may want to limit or avoid exposure to smoking medical marijuana because this can put additional stress and strain on the lungs. Alternative delivery methods of medical marijuana can be used to reduce or eliminate smoke exposure. Talk to your care team

Medical Marijuana is a topic of much debate and discussion. We catch up with Dr. Tim Byers about his views on the subject and ask those questions many patients are wanting to know. As more and more states are developing medical marijuana programs, patients and caregivers need to be informed about the potential risks and benefits.

Dr. Byers is an Associate Dean at the Colorado School of Public Health and the Associate Director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center talks about medical marijuana. He is an expert leader in the cancer prevention research field.

Medical Marijuana is not legal in all states – Fight Colorectal Cancer does not condone the use of marijuana where it is illegal. Please talk with your healthcare team about your treatment and use of all therapies.