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Denice Romero

Patients & Survivors Stage III Colon Cancer New York
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Story: "I worked in healthcare for 40 years, so I was a terrible patient. I had a forgotten order to get a blood test. When I finally remembered, I went in. That evening, I received a panicked call from my dear PA from Cardiology. 'You have no red blood count.' I told her I saw blood after a movement and made an appointment with a gastroenterologist. I gave her his name and 10 minutes later she told me I had an appointment the very next day instead of next week. 'He wasn't too pleased with my STRONG insistence but get your butt in there tomorrow,' she said.

"My colonoscopy was incomplete due to blockage. My husband looked at me, and I told him what is was. We called a surgeon recommended by my volunteer, and he saw me immediately. We worked two phones to get me cleared and scheduled for surgery. The pandemic was just starting to fill my hospital and surgeries looked like they would be in trouble. The day of surgery, my husband could not enter the hospital. I was patient No. 2, and that was it for the day."

"You are the only one who can decide how you will fight: What treatments to consider; when to stop.
You will appreciate each day, each hug, and see the sunrise in a whole new way."

Advice: "Not everyone likes being poked around in the butt. If you are embarrassed, believe me, the staff have seen it all, and your butt is no big deal. Prep is a pain, but nothing you can't handle."

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