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Gina Toye

Caregivers Florida
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Gina's story

My daughter Amber was diagnosed last January at the age of 22 years old with colorectal cancer.

She was in her last semester at FSU and was experiencing bleeding and feeling tired. Thank God her now doctor fit her in for  a colonoscopy during her Christmas break. On January 3, they found 50 polyps and removed 12, some the size of golf balls with one coming back cancerous.

On January 22, Amber underwent surgery to remove her entire colon: Thankfully the cancer hadn't penetrated through her intestinal wall.

She has to get checked yearly, and this past September she was clear!

Amber is my hero, she never felt sorry for herself or said, "Why me?" Amber took this head-on with a soaring spirit and positive attitude.

She is now checking off her survival bucket list and lives in NYC. Amber has much to offer this world and continues to amaze us with her love of people and making this world a better place.

We are a proud family! She has gone through so much at such a young age; her compassion and passion for life make us all better for being around her.

Gina's advice

Positivity and spirit are everything; keep your household surrounded by this.

What One Million Strong means to me

Making many aware that colon cancer can affect the young. My daughter is the face of this!

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