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Mimi Pineiro

Patients & Survivors Stage IV Colon Cancer Georgia
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Story: "I was diagnosed after going to the ER at the end of May 2019. I woke up with a a big scar and with a colostomy. I was not within the age for a colonoscopy, and I went to the hospital three times before my diagnosis. I was advised I had stage IV metastasized colon cancer. After that, I went directly to the best oncologist and started treatment in 2019. The same year had a HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy surgery, which treats cancers in the abdomen. First, the cancerous tumors are removed, and then heated chemotherapy drugs are applied directly inside the abdomen). A few months later cancer came back. I have had more than 35 rounds of chemo; I've been in clinical trial; and I've had a lung resection. Still to this day, I have the worst mutation but I am keeping up the fight."
Advice: "Save all the trouble of going through what I go through. Get screened at 45 or if you have any abdominal symptoms. Talk to your doctor. Ask questions. You can avoid the hassle! Never give up!"

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