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Monica Trott

Patients & Survivors Stage III Colon Cancer Texas
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Monica's Story

I had just had our third baby six weeks prior. It was May 17, 2021 and I was going in to have a colonoscopy to see if my symptoms were in fact being caused by hemorrhoids.

It turns out I had a 5cm mass in my rectosigmoid. I went into the procedure worried about the anesthesia and whether or not I could breastfeed my infant later that day. I walked out of the procedure worrying about whether or not I would be around to watch my kids grow up. My husband and infant were with me at my colonoscopy. It was still COVID era, so we were told I’d be walked out to the car after my procedure. I was woken up to my husband walking to my bedside carrying my infant in his car seat. I knew right away something was wrong.

Monica's Advice

Please please don’t be scared to get screened, and if you are, just know that prepping for a colonoscopy is nothing compared to surgery and treatment for a colon cancer diagnosis.

It is normal to feel afraid but you will gain so much peace from getting screened, especially if everything is all clear. If you’re too afraid, educate yourself! Let people help you!

You gain nothing trying to do life on your own, and you’ll feel stronger knowing you have others supporting you. Don’t be afraid of knowledge. Knowledge is power. Research about the diet you’ve been curious about or the supplements you’ve heard of. Call the gym you’ve been meaning to workout at and dive into moving your body!

Never ever lose hope. Allow yourself to have bad days but don’t ever lose sight of hope!!

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