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William (Ronny) Day

Patients & Survivors Stage IV Rectal Cancer Arkansas
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Ronny's Story

At 48, I had a colonoscopy done due to bleeding. Several polyps were removed, and I was told to have another one done in five years. I went for my five-year exam and was diagnosed initially with stage II colorectal cancer March 1, 2017. I received radiation and chemotherapy for six months. Had surgery to remove tumor in October 2017. Had ileostomy for seven months. Did chemotherapy for six more months.

I then had reversal surgery in May 2018. Cancer recurred in my left lung. Had surgery to remove part of the lung with more chemotherapy. Cancer recurred four times on my liver. The first three times had ablations to remove the tumors. After the fourth recurrence I finally went down to MD Anderson where they did surgery to remove 1/3 of my liver. This was done in May 2021. I have not had another recurrence since this last surgery. As of May 2021, I have been cancer free!

Ronny's Advice

Do not be afraid of the procedures available for early detection. It's nowhere near as bad as what myself and many others have gone through. I've advocated for many of my friends and family to go get checked! Best thing you could ever do for yourself and for your loved ones!

No matter what you're told or how your treatments are going, Never give up! There's always hope! Don't stop fighting. Try to stay strong and pray a lot! I'm a prime example of it, I wanted to quit many times, but I refused to let cancer control me. We are survivors!

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