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Ronny Day

Patients & Survivors Stage IV Rectal Cancer Arkansas

Story: "At 48 years of age, due to rectal bleeding, I was sent for a colonoscopy. They removed polyps and told me to come back in five years. March 1, 2017, I went in for colonoscopy due to rectal bleeding again (I was near the five-year mark), and I was told I had a 3 cm tumor on my rectum.

"I had chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor. In August, I had surgery to remove the tumor. I had an ileostomy for seven months, and then had reversal surgery in March 2018. I was on chemo the whole time.

"I had metastatic recurrence to my lung and wedge resection to remove the tumor. I had metastatic recurrence four times to the liver. I had ablation three times. On my fourth recurrence, I went MD Anderson, and they removed one-third of my liver in May 2020. As of May 2020 through today, I am currently cancer free!

"I still go to MD Anderson every three months for scans and bloodwork, and I see my local oncologist monthly for bloodwork.

"It’s been a tough ride, but I have God on my team!"

Advice: "Go get tested regularly it could save your life!"

"Never give up! Pray! Believe there’s hope and talk to people! Ask questions!"

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