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Steven Bocek

Caregivers Mississippi
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Steven's story

My wife who has always watched out for me was recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Last year I turned 50. She insisted I go for a colonoscopy. I did. The doctors found four polyps.

We didn't think to have her checked. She was having falling episodes. Finally in the ER, she was found to be anemic and losing blood from somewhere. Well, guess where? Yes, the colon. The day before Thanksgiving, she was diagnosed. We are thankful that she fell.

Steven's advice

If and when you get diagnosed, it is not the end of the world. You do need strong people on your side. If you don't have that, call Fight Colorectal Cancer or an organization who has someone to talk with.

Some people live very long lives after diagnosis and treatment. Of course it depends on the person and the situation. It is not the end all. Get scoped today and catch it early is the best option.

What One Million Strong means to me

One Million Strong means that there are at least one million people with a concern for colon cancer. This number needs to double, triple, or quadruple so that everyone knows how and when to get scoped. It is not awful, and is much better than the alternative.

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