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Terence Pollard

Patients & Survivors Stage III Rectal Cancer Florida
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Terence's story

I was referred out by my primary physician because I was in the age range, but I had no signs present.

I took the fecal test, and it came back concerning, so my assigned doctor put me in for a colonoscopy.

It’s the day that I will never forget, I was there with my second oldest daughter when the doctor broke the news. She was in tears, but I was calm because I knew what reaction I did would shape the future for my cancer fight.

Signs and symptoms

No signs or symptoms were present.

Side effects

Side effects included fatigue, bowel irregularities, and chemo brain.

Terence's advice

Not knowing is more risky than anything you can ever imagine. I have friends that got tested too late and unfortunately lost his life. This past weekend I had to watch one of my soldiers get buried (with honors).

So my message is very simple: Cancer is a game of life and death literally.

Keep the faith.

Fight the good fight.

Never surrender; never give up.

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