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Timothy Dovel

Patients & Survivors Stage IV Colon Cancer Georgia

Story: "I had my annual physical on April 1. Blood and urine tests came back fine. Doctor said he wanted me to lose 10 lbs. I was at 230 lbs. and 6’3” tall. April 5 through 7, I had body aches and my stomach felt like someone was squeezing it. I thought it was just side effects from the COVID-19 shot I had gotten in April, just after my annual physical. I went to the doctor on April 7, and then I had a CT scan of my stomach.

"An hour later, I was rushed for emergency surgery for perforated valve, and I found out I had stage IV colon cancer. The surgeon removed two-thirds of my colon, and I am now fighting cancer on my liver. I started this journey in April 2021. After my fourth round of chemo, my treatment tumor had decreased by 30%, and after my eighth treatment, it continues to decrease. CEA was originally over 7,000, and now it’s in the 500 range.

"I just keep pushing, and I know that I’ll overcome this. I am also involved in a Facebook group and keep encouraging others to stay positive. That is the key to get through this."

Advice: "It’s better to know than not know. There’s nothing wrong with getting answers and help."

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