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Tina Zeutschel

Caregivers Stage IV Colon Cancer Washington
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Tina's story

My husband, Howie, had been having indigestion and constipation. He was also having some upper abdominal pain. He was on a drug for his high cholesterol, whose side effects caused many of his symptoms. So the first trip to the doctor was delayed for weeks. Finally, his symptoms became severe and he was seen, but only to be sent home with antacids and laxatives. When he didn't improve and became short of breath, the doctor got serious.

A CT scan was ordered and that was the day that changed us forever.

His colonoscopy with biopsy revealed stage IV colon cancer with mets to over 50% of his liver. He spent his 47th birthday in the hospital having his first round of chemo. After four treatments, his tumors have shrunk by a remarkable 60%!

We are hopeful for surgery soon and look forward to each day. The road has been rough and we are only beginning our journey. But he has every intention of winning this fight.

"We have been married 26 years and have two children. We plan to have a big celebration for our 50th wedding anniversary, and I know we will! So cancer will have to take a hike!

"Nobody has to go through this alone. We are all united in our fight against CRC."

-Tina Zeutschel

Tina's advice

Never read statistics and never lose hope. Have a birthday celebration every day, not once a year.

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