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Yetunde Omilana

Family & Friends Stage II Colon Cancer California
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Yetunde's Story

My mom was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the age of 53. We first received the diagnosis after she found blood in her stool and she went in for additional test.

It was confirmed that she had colorectal cancer, and I was informed by her physician at the hospital at the time. My husband and I were with her when the bad news was given to her. She decided to do surgery and radiation. She used a colostomy bag for the rest of her life, but she adjusted well to it.

Anyway, the cancer was in remission for about three years then it came back and now had spread to her lungs. She did chemo at that time for a period of six months before eventually dying from the cancer.

Yetunde's Advice

Don't delay: Screening saves lives.

Don't stop! Share! Speak up and tell your story. You never know who might be listening and needed to hear what you have to say. Someone's life will be saved because you spoke up at the right time in the right place. Think this way: You might just be the reason that a life is not impacted by colorectal cancer.

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