History of the Colon Club

From its inception by Molly McMaster Morgoslepov after a battle with colorectal cancer to its merger with Fight CRC in 2023, discover the milestones, stories, and indomitable spirit that have championed early-age onset colorectal cancer awareness.

The Unexpected Diagnosis

At the age of 23, Molly McMaster Morgoslepov faced a surprising diagnosis – colon cancer, a condition predominantly diagnosed in older adults. The startling news came after months of being misdiagnosed with conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Contrary to her doctor’s beliefs that she might be the only young individual with the condition, Molly was determined to raise awareness about colorectal cancer in the young.

Rolling to Recovery

Molly took action. Less than a year post-chemotherapy, she embarked on an inline skating adventure from New York to Colorado, an initiative called Rolling to Recovery. Successfully raising over $60,000, her journey shattered the myth that colorectal cancer is exclusive to the elderly.

Connection & Solidarity

Before embarking on her journey, Molly connected with Amanda Sherwood Roberts, another young woman diagnosed at 24. Their bond, solidified by their shared experience, led Molly to participate in unforgettable events, such as running with the Olympic Torch in 2002 and appearing on the “Today” show to emphasize that colorectal cancer can affect anyone.

Colossal Colon®: Educating Through Innovation

In memory of Amanda, Molly introduced the Colossal Colon®, a massive crawl-through model of the human colon designed to educate the public. Featured on the “Today” show and other media outlets, the model toured twenty cities nationwide, reaching an audience of 2.3 billion.

The Birth of The Colon Club

Inspired by her endeavors and supported by Amanda’s cousin, Hannah, and survivor Erika Kratzer, Molly founded The Colon Club. This organization, aiming to raise colorectal cancer awareness uniquely, soon introduced the Colondar, a calendar featuring young survivors displaying their surgical scars and stories.

Innovation & Support

Over the years, The Colon Club introduced several initiatives like UHL Cross-Checked Colon Cancer, transforming the Colondar into the full-color magazine On the Rise, which highlighted the rise of early age onset colorectal cancer.

The Legacy Continues

Today, the Colossal Colon® is a centerpiece at The Houston Health Museum, continuing to educate visitors. Molly’s vision has gone global with similar educational models found worldwide.

In 2023, The Colon Club joined forces with Fight Colorectal Cancer to support more young adults impacted by the disease. Under the banner of Fight CRC, The Colon Club continues to champion the cause, creating a haven for healing, community, and connection for those diagnosed under 39.

Join The Movement

The Colon Club represents hope, strength, self-belief, and the power of collective efforts. Join us in making a difference in the lives of young adults facing colorectal cancer.

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