The National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NCCRT), Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC), the American Cancer Society (ACS), Mayo Clinic, Exact Sciences, and UPS once again joined forces during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month with partners around the country to launch the next campaign to reach an 80% colorectal cancer screening rate nationwide.

On March 7 we launched the campaign during the national signature event and live online broadcast in Atlanta, Georgia. We celebrated our national achievements and outstanding contributions and emphasized the areas where we must continue to reach into in order to achieve an 80% colorectal cancer screening rate in every community.

What Can You Do?

  1. Connect with us on social media. Follow #80inEveryCommunity on Twitter and Instagram and visit our organization web pages below to find all our social media channels.
  2. If you are committed to 80 in Every Community print this sign and post it to Twitter using the hashtag #80inEveryCommunity.
  3. Join us. Learn how you can join the shared goal to reach 80% in Every Community.


Here are several free educational resources and tools that can help you raise awareness about colorectal cancer:

For Patients and the Public:

For Providers, Public Health Professionals, Employers and More:

Find additional resources in the NCCRT Resource Center and at

SCREENING GUIDELINES DISCLAIMER: The NCCRT supports member organizations in advancing their life-saving missions around colorectal cancer screening, no matter which colorectal cancer screening recommendations they choose to follow. The NCCRT will continue to create an environment in which organizations with varying missions and policies can be heard, where differences of opinion are respected, where all organizations benefit from their membership in the NCCRT, and where the guiding philosophy emphasizes working toward the same end goal to save lives from this disease. Assuring health equity is our responsibility. The NCCRT will continue to provide resources that meet the needs of all members, serve as an information clearing house, address disparities issues, and identify opportunities to save lives from this disease, including those who are being diagnosed at younger ages.

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Show us how you support 80% in Every Community! No matter where you are, you can join via social media.

Post pictures and videos to show how you are raising awareness during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Post on Twitter or Instagram using #80inEveryCommunity.