Colorectal Cancer Awareness

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month! Let’s come together to raise awareness, share stories, and make our voices heard. With the right tools and support, we can make a difference. Join us in spreading the word and taking action today!

Why do we fight? We fight for the lives of our loved ones, for a future where colorectal cancer is no longer a threat. What are we fighting for more of? We are fighting for more awareness, more research, and more support for those affected by this disease. Why should we keep fighting? Because colorectal cancer is now the #1 cancer killer among men under 50, and #2 for women under 50, just behind breast cancer, according to a recent ACS report. We must save young lives from this disease!

Prioritizing colorectal cancer isn’t a choice; it is a NEED! We will not stop fighting until our voices are heard, and colorectal cancer policy change is made. We need your help to make it happen!

Tools for Raising Awareness of
Colorectal Cancer

Use your story, your voice, your experience, and join us this March for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Together, we can make a difference and save lives. Click on the links below for free downloads and other resources designed to educate your community about colon and rectal cancers.

What’s your CRC risk level?

Colorectal cancer does not discriminate. It can affect anyone at any age. Take our 13-question, 1-minute screening quiz to learn more about your risk and how to start a conversation with your doctor.

Share Your Story

Every day, millions who are impacted by colorectal cancer are searching online for stories of people who’ve faced this disease. When you share your experience, you let others know they’re not alone.

Shop For Gear and Awareness Handouts

Flex a #StrongArmSelfie

Take a “selfie” while flexing your best “strong arm” pose. Then, post it online to show your support and encourage colorectal cancer screening. Each post, retweet, or share of a #StrongArmSelfie sends $1 to Fight CRC!

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