Saved a life. Extended my life. Found hope. Joined an advocacy family. Discovered my purpose.

(Those are just a few things people tell us that Fight CRC did for them once they got involved.)

“Fight Colorectal Cancer’s the only website I visit. It’s the only place I trust to provide accurate information. As a patient, it’s meant a lot to me to have them as a resource. Their blogs, updates, and resources helped ensure I could make informed choices.” John, stage IV survivor

Embrace at Ambassador TrainingEvery day we fight. We help survivors get free resources they can trust (like Your Guide in the Fight.) Patients tell us that our free resources help them make important decisions about their care and talk to their doctors. Medical experts review our resources to make sure patients get the best and most up-to-date information out there.

Every day we build our community, called “One Million Strong.” A lot of people call it family. Surveys show us that people come to our events and leave more confident, informed and engaged. We’ve been called “life-changers” more than once. People find their purpose when they fight with us.

Every day we push for a cure. We educate patients about the latest research through blogs and connect them to clinical trials. We train research advocates. We directly fund research through grants. On the Hill we’ve influenced Congress to support colorectal cancer bills and research funding. All across the U.S. we’ve trained advocates who are making a difference in their communities and beyond. It’s the collective impact from each of us fighting that results in the changes we see.

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Excellent Financial Rankings!

Not only have we received awards and opportunities to present our work, but we’ve also received high rankings for our streamlined, outstanding financial processes from several groups who watch for proper oversight of donations:

4 stars by Charity Navigator

We received another 4-star rating by Charity Navigatocharity_navigatorr for
2017. This was our highest-ever rating, with a total overall score of 95%, with a 100% given to our accountability and transparency based off FY2016 reports. This made us the highest-ranked colorectal cancer nonprofit on Charity Navigator! Read more

Platinum rating by GuideStarGuidestar-platinum

Additionally, we reached a Platinum rating with GuideStar, which indicates our full transparency practices. See our rating!

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Impact on Colorectal Cancer Research

Fight Colorectal Cancer is a recognized and well-respected leader in colorectal cancer research. In 2015, we convened global research experts to talk about how to move research forward for colorectal cancer patients. Out of this meeting came a blueprint discussing findings and recommendations for advancing colorectal cancer immunotherapy research. The blueprint brought researchers together and continues to guide how we fund research projects that will lead to longer lives of late-stage patients. To support this work, donate to research.

Impact on Psychosocial Health

Advocates leave our events inspired and full of hope. They find a second family amongst those who’ve chosen to get involved at Fight CRC. And they realize they’re not alone.

“I am forever grateful to finding Fight CRC and becoming involved at Call-on Congress… I feel empowered and believe I found my new purpose – advocacy!” Stage IV fighter Kim

“I found my people, my tribe! I have incredible support from family and friends; yet finding others who have lived through or live with cancer helped me open up and understand this new world and my place in it.” Stage III fighter Rissa

From Call-on Congress to Ambassador training, when we bring everyone together at our events, we leave stronger.

Impact on Policies and Funding

Not gonna’ lie – this is our proudest moment at Fight CRC so far.

WE got lawmakers to include colorectal cancer in the Department of Defense (DoD) cancer research funding bill. This happened because of our advocacy efforts.

In 1992, the Department of Defense (DoD) began funding breast cancer research as a result of Congressional lobbying by the breast cancer advocacy community. Although the DoD funded thousands of research grants with billions of dollars, colorectal cancer research wasn’t on the list of supported research areas.

In 2009, advocates at Call-on Congress asked their representatives to include colorectal cancer in the program. By June 2009, our efforts convinced them – Representative Kay Granger from Texas submitted the request to add colorectal cancer research to the program. We also had strong support from Representative Jim Moran of Virginia. On December 19, 2009, Congress passed Public Law 111–118, which included colorectal cancer in the DoD Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP).

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve worked to sustain the PRCRP program during times of drastic budget cuts. We’ve testified at appropriations hearings, sent emails and tweets to members and met with influential members of Congress to ensure the program remains a priority.

In 2015, Senator John McCain proposed that this CRC research funding be cut. When he heard from our (very loud & passionate) advocates, he reversed his decision.

We don’t stop and we’re relentless when it comes to policy changes that need to be made.

For example, we’ve pushed for the Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act for many years. Each year we see more and more support. (Passing a bill takes a LONG time!) But we stick with it, and our advocates don’t let up. In fact, in August 2016 we contacted Congress nearly 800 times and asked for support in bills H.R. 1220/S. 624. As a result of our advocacy, we gained 20 co-sponsors.

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