Theresa Maschke

Content Writer

Theresa Maschke joined the Fight CRC team in May 2021 as a Content Writer, binding her love of writing and editing with her experience as a caregiver to her husband Joe, a stage III rectal cancer survivor. Theresa attended Temple University and graduated cum laude with a BA in Communications.

Theresa writes Fight CRC blog posts and emails and assists with community engagement on Facebook.

After dipping her toes into the advocacy pool, Theresa grabbed Joe to jump in fully with her after seeing the impact of sharing their story in creating awareness, supporting state bills, and action taken by Senator Booker on the national level in support of colorectal cancer. No one fights alone, and nowhere is that more evident than in her daily work alongside her beloved Fight CRC team. She appreciates the colorectal cancer community and has found her tribe.

In her spare time in summer, Theresa enjoys gardening, growing vegetables and herbs, and spending time in the backyard. In winter, she indulges in Real Housewives, travels endlessly to her daughter’s volleyball practices and tournaments, and enjoys hibernating with her husband; three kids, Elizabeth, Joey, and Caroline; and dog, Buddy.