One Million Strong

Show Us Your #StrongArmSelfie!

If you’ve been touched by colon or rectal cancer – you are not alone. Check out our community, the One Million Strong. We are survivors and caregivers, friends and medical professionals. We’re flexing our arms and posting a #StrongArmSelfie to show that we stand united and fight with courage against colorectal cancer!

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I Fight For

I want to contribute positively to the cause and the content that can be found on the Internet.  In my first few hours of diagnosis, I turned to the Internet to research and dig into other survivor’s stories and experiences. Fight CRC was one of the first places I found that gave me facts and hope. 

 – Robyn Schmid, Fight CRC Ambassador

What is One Million Strong?

One Million Strong AboutOne Million Strong is a community of grassroots advocates sharing stories of strength to fight colorectal cancer. Together we work as a team to raise our voices. We want to create change and save lives. We’re after victory over colorectal cancer. Join us today by taking the first step: share your story.

Share Your Story

American Cancer Society research proved that when those personally impacted by colorectal cancer share their experiences, it influences others to get screened. Many newly diagnosed patients and caregivers spend countless hours scouring the internet for stories of hope. Add to the positive content and share your story so those who need to hear it most may absorb it and become energized to advocate. Make an impact now. Tell us what happened to you.


Celebrities of One Million Strong

Actors and athletes. Singer-songwriters and reality TV stars. Check out the stars who’ve joined One Million Strong to fight colorectal cancer!

Strong Sponsors

One Million Strong is supported by passionate sponsors who believe in giving back to the advocacy community. Their support sustains our efforts and keeps our voices loud.