Meet our family. Our tribe:  The One Million Strong. Will you join us in the fight against colorectal cancer? Here’s how:

Flex your arm and post a picture on Twitter or Instagram, hashtag it with #StrongArmSelfie. (There’s a way to support on Facebook too, learn more!) For every post or share you get, you’ll inspire someone else in the fight (and send $1 our way!) This year we’re raising up to $55,000! Before, after and during March, the #StrongArmSelfie is a great way to raise awareness all year long!

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Have you been impacted by colorectal cancer? You are not alone.

Meet Ivory and Amanda, two survivors who met one another by posting online:

As a community, we fight with courage and together, we are strong. We are united. There’s power in connecting and sharing.


If you’ve been impacted by this disease, we invite you to share your story.
It’s a great first step into getting involved.

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Meet the survivors, caregivers, loved ones and health professionals who have volunteered to put a “face” to colorectal cancer this year! Read their stories!

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Fight Colorectal Cancer is a leading advocacy organization in the U.S. We’re focused on: Advocacy. Awareness. Education. Research.

This March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s the deal: We need your help! We cannot accomplish our mission without you. If you’re ready to make a difference this year, here’s how to get involved:

What is One Million Strong?

One Million Strong is Fight Colorectal Cancer’s movement uniting the over one million survivors of colorectal cancer living in the U.S. and their loved ones to get behind a cure and prevent future cases. Check out how many people we reached in 2018!

Awareness Materials

Fight Colorectal Cancer offers several online and printed resources. We also have PSAs that raise awareness of colorectal cancer and an online store.

Our Awareness Event Kit includes brochures, flyers and giveaways to use at prevention-focused events.

We also offer many patient resources that can be posted on your website and social media channels or downloaded and printed with your own computer.


CRC Patient Materials:

Your Guide in the Fight 
Clinical Trials mini magazine
Side Effects mini magazine
Skin Toxicity mini magazine
Biomarkers mini magazine and conversation starter

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Strong Sponsors

Thank you to the following organizations for sponsoring 2018 One Million Strong! Check out how far our message spread for 2018!


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