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Meet Caitlin

Caitlin DeVos, caregiver
Plymouth, Minnesota

Caitlin's Story

When I was 16 years old, my mom went in for a routine colonoscopy after turning that 'magical age' of 50. It was a shock to learn that she had stage IIIC colon cancer. She had no symptoms and was an extremely healthy and wonderful person. We began a journey of surgeries, chemotherapies, radiation and more that lasted two and a half years. She battled back against her disease with courage and strength, and found humor in every twist and turn. Her spirit was remarkable and the compassion from family and friends was incredible.

Unfortunately, my mom lost her battle in 2010, when I was just 19 years old. She is the reason why I am so passionate about finding a cure for colon cancer and why I'm so passionate about getting people screened! My mom and I saved a handful of lives with her story. We have encouraged loved ones to get screened and they have been able to prevent colon cancer by catching polyps early. Screenings save lives, pure and simple. I continue to wage my mom's battle for her by making my voice heard in March and every month for this cause.

What One Million Strong means to Caitlin

One Million Strong means coming together to share strength, support and evidence that will help save others from colorectal cancer. It means ensuring that all people have access to colorectal cancer screenings and motivating the grassroots base to be advocates for public policy in order to make this happen. It means making sure that every colorectal cancer patient feels supported and uplifted by the strength and compassion of others who have beat this disease. It means telling cancer that we aren't afraid of it and that we are committed to beating it. One Million Strong means HOPE that we will defeat this disease.

Caitlin's advice

Find humor in the twists and turns that a cancer journey brings. My mom always said that we must deal with the cards we are dealt, and this couldn't be more true than when a cancer diagnosis happens. Persevere, educate yourself, utilize the resources in your community and fight back against the disease with an unwavering spirit. Take care of yourself and know that it's okay to be angry, upset or weak at times. Be an advocate for yourself and your care - you can beat this! The most important thing to remember is to make the most of your time with family and friends and not let cancer take away your spirit and your hope.

One thought on “Meet the One Million Strong – Caitlin D. From Minnesota

  1. I was so shocked to learn of this about your mother. I can’t believe she has been gone this long already. I knew your mom all her life. I rode the school bus with her every day and talked to her every day. We only lived about three or four miles from each other when we were kids. I think of her often. Keep up the good work on this fight. We must be diligent to fight and find a cure and get tested.

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