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Walk Across America for Colorectal Cancer

On May 6, 2018 Fight CRC advocate Chad began walking from Arlington, Virginia and headed west.
His destination? Venice Beach, California! Why?


Chad will be walking across the country all summer. He hopes to arrive in California by September! We hope you’ll support him!!

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2,676 miles on Chad’s Route

This summer Chad will be walking more than 2,676 miles. Is he coming through your town? Click on the map and zoom in to see his route. If he’s coming through your city and you want to walk with him, let us know! We will get you connected!



Why Is Chad Walking?

In 2006 at age 38, Chad’s wife Sheila was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer.

She fought with tenacity and now lives cancer-free!

In 2013, the couple attended their first Call-on Congress and became dedicated advocates for the cause.

In becoming an advocate, Chad and Sheila both developed a passion for raising awareness about prevention. They’re making sure people are aware that screening saves lives!!


Seven years ago, Chad had the idea of walking across the country. He planned, trained and prepared – lining up organizations like FedEx and Fight CRC to support him.

On his 50th birthday on May 6, 2018, Chad kicked off his walk from Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.

He’s hit the streets to save lives and support fellow veterans like himself and cancer survivors like Sheila.

He’s out to make a difference and impact lives. And by the looks of it, he’s off to a great start!

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