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Enjoy these free resources by Fight CRC! Thank you to our sponsors Amgen and Bayer!

The Skin Toxicity is a common side effect for colorectal cancer patients. Certain kinds of cancer treatments (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor [EGFR]-inhibitors) can cause skin rash and other skin changes for colorectal cancer patients. Skin rash, itching and cracking, fingernail and toenail irritation, dry skin, and sensitivity to the sun are common side effects.

Fight Colorectal Cancer has created several resources to help patients prevent, or treat, the rash.

You can access the following resources through the buttons below:

Mini Magazine

A 20-page booklet designed to help patients manage EGFR rash and find comfort through the stories of others who share in the struggles, victories, and outlooks on this side effect. This resource will explain what causes skin rash, do’s and don’ts for managing it, patient stories and tips from experts.

 Skin Toxicity Mini Magazine   Take the Survey 

Are you a medical professional? Contact us about ordering copies for your patients.

Thank you to our sponsors,Amgen and Bayer, for their support in the development of this educational video. 

Nobody knows the rash better than somebody who has had it. Sarah DeBord, CRC advocate, shares her experience with skin toxicity in these patient-friendly videos.

Watch Sarah’s other videos here:

My Experience   Advice for Patients 

Drs. Edith Mitchell and Dennis Porto discuss skin rash and tips for managing it.

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