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  1. Skin Toxicity Hero Image


    Skin Toxicity Mini Magazine

    Targeted therapies tend to cause skin toxicity, or rash, that can be painful and itchy, or cause a burning, tingling sensation. Your doctor may prescribe a medicated cream to control […]

    Skin Toxicity

  2. Publication

    Fact or Crap Food Guide

    Sugar causes cancer. Never eat red meat. Cancer patients should take supplements. Is this fact… or crap? In this guide you’ll get practical, simple, research-based advice about diet and nutrition. We’ve partnered […]

    Diet and Nutrition

  3. Publication

    2020 Advocacy Glossary

    This glossary is a great cheat sheet for the terms that often pop up in conversations around policy and advocacy. It explains everything from the difference between Medicare and Medicaid […]

    Federal Level, State Level

  4. Publication

    Gratitude Journal

    This journal is designed to give you the space to reflect on your story each day. We’ve included a simple, daily prompt to help you get started. Feel free to […]