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Corinne Hernandez

Patients & Survivors Stage II Rectal Cancer California
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Corinne's Story

I was diagnosed with stage IIa colorectal cancer during a routine colonoscopy January 2021. After the procedure was completed, and I was dressed, the nurse said the doctor would talk to me.

The doctor said two polyps were found and removed. And one "mass" that looked like cancer was found but couldn't be removed. The doctor said he notified my primary care doctor of the results and ordered a CT scan.

I felt shocked and numb hearing that. After I left the clinic, I got something to eat.

Later that day I got the phone calls to schedule a CT scan and meet with her primary care doctor. From that point on, it was a series of appointments, CT scan, PET scan, MRI, waiting for results, meeting with oncologist and surgeon. Resection surgery was February 2021.


Symptoms were rectal bleeding or blood in stool, unexplained sudden weight loss, and fatigue.

Corinne's Advice

Please get a screening! The colonoscopy procedure doesn't hurt and there is no discomfort after. The worst part is the prep drink. The doctors and nurses are kind.

Being a cancer patient is a long journey. Take it one day at a time. Don't focus on the way things used to be. Instead, create a new normal. It's OK to feel scared or angry, but don't let those feelings take over. Instead seek professional therapy or counseling.

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