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Michelle McPhatter

Patients & Survivors Stage IV Colon Cancer Maryland

Story: "During 2020, I had blood in my stool, but I dismissed it. I had fatigue, but I was working 12-hour shift work, so I dismissed it. By May 2021, my colonoscopy showed I was 90% blocked. Not long after surgery, I went back to work only to go on short-term disability in August to emotionally and physically take a break and adjust to my new life. I went back to work in January 2022 due to feeling better and not being on "aggressive" treatments since December 2021. However, by March 2022, cancer grew, and I was back on "aggressive" meds, which has again interfered with my lifestyle. I am working to do long-term disability and will be looking to do trials and go outside of the Veterans Administration to seek information and treatments."

Advice: "Your life depends on getting screened. Get checked to catch and deal with it early. It will save you from unnecessary long-term issues, stress, and strife. Take time to prioritize life, and who is in your life circle. Give support and accept support. Know that life is not over. Every day brings new opportunities."

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