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Natalie Riede

Patients & Survivors Stage IV Colon Cancer
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Natalie's Story

I went for a colonoscopy fully expecting to hear that I had some polyps and that they were going to remove them. The doctor called me into a room with my fiancé and said the word "Krebs." I had been learning German, so I knew that "Krebs" meant "cancer," but the rest of what the doctor said just flew right over my head.

My fiancé is German, and I just remember looking over at his face and seeing how devastated he was. That's when it really hit me.

I had cancer.

At the time it was stage III, but unfortunately a year later despite having surgery and chemo, it had metastasized to my liver. I couldn't believe it. I was 33 years and I had stage IV cancer.

My next treatments were either going to cure me, or I was going to end up on palliative care.

Thankfully, I am now celebrating four years NED.

Natalie's Advice

I wish I had been offered colorectal screening when I initially went to see the doctor. Because of my young age, it just didn't occur to them. If I had been seen, they could have caught it much earlier.

Trust me: The discomfort of a screening is worth if if they can catch it early enough to treat and you make a full recovery. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Unfortunately a cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling isolated and alone, so finding a community of other cancer patients and survivors is key to helping you feel connected and supported.

I discovered the power of guided meditation, hypnosis, and talking therapy, which all gave me the tools I needed to be able to process my emotions, release stress, and anxiety and start living my life again.

Google is not your friend. If you want information, either ask your doctor or go directly to cancer research websites, charities, and other support groups, as they will have factual information and be able to support you.

One thought on “Natalie Riede

  1. Natalie, thank you for sharing your story. I am so greatful that you are still with us. Thanks for your advice, as a CRC survivor who was diagnosed with stage III cancer in 2020, I am always encouraged when I hear stories like yours. Not only there is hope, but that there is work to be done and each one of us are part of the team. Stay strong. Let’s continue to fight for more funding for research, better care and make information to help others who have been diagnosed. Peace and Blessings.

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