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Velvet Fall

Patients & Survivors Stage II Colon Cancer Oregon
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Velvet's story

My mother died at 45 years old from cancer. I was only 18 at the time and thought that it was colon cancer (a good mistake). I found out after my cancer diagnosis that it was pancreatic cancer. I was approved for early screenings.

At 30 years old I had my first colonoscopy, they found three polyps that were precancerous, and they removed them.

I was due to go back for my second screening colonoscopy in 2020, but we all know how that year ended up.

I went back on March 5, 2021, and they found a mass a little bigger than a golf ball in my transverse colon. I had a PET scan about a week later, and I had no spread outside the area. On March 30, I went in and had a resection. They removed about 6 inches of my transverse colon. It came back as stage II adenocarcinoma. They also checked 35 lymph nodes around the area, and they were all negative.

I was lucky and did not have to have any chemo or radiation and have been cancer-free since.

It is important to note when I went for my colonoscopy, I had no symptoms that would cause any concern. A couple weeks prior, I had felt a little constipated, and I had gone to my primary care for something else and mentioned it. She brushed it off and told me that it was probably nothing, and they would find something when they did the colonoscopy if it was anything.

This diagnosis has changed my whole life. I am now focused on eating a whole-food, plant based-diet and doing more exercise, such as walking and lifting weights. I start nursing school next month, and I hope to someday work with patients in lifestyle medicine to help prevent these conditions, rather than cure them later on down the road.

My husband and my three children have been very supportive through this journey, and they have learned a lot themselves. My oldest son, now 18, lost his father to rectal cancer at 29 years old. I worry most about him, and hope that he doesn’t have to face the same battles.

Signs and symptoms


Side effects

Side effects included pain.

Velvet's advice

It is better to catch it [colorectal cancer] now, than when it is too late. Ask for help. Be an advocate for yourself and others.

Keep fighting. Never give up. Share your story, so others can learn and be aware. Always be your own advocate, don’t wait on the doctors!

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