Wilsar F. Johnson

Estratega y artista digital

Wilsar nació en Freetown, Sierra Leona, y a los diez años sobrevivió a una guerra civil que la obligó a ella y a su familia a trasladarse primero a Costa de Marfil, en África Occidental, antes de establecerse en Camden, Nueva Jersey.

She spent a decade working in Congress as a renowned creative digital strategist and published photographer for some of the nation’s most prominent leaders. As the first Black digital director in Congress, Wilsar has had the honor of documenting historical events such as Donald Trump’s impeachment, the Supreme Court confirmation for Brett Kavanaugh, the House Judiciary Hearing on Reparations, and the funeral for Representative Elijah Cummings.

Favorite media binge of 2020? The Mentalist. It’s one of those shows that hooks you!

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Twitter: @callmewilsar