Carole Motycka

Gestor de proyectos de educación de pacientes

Carole Motycka

Carole joined Fight CRC as the Patient Education Project Manager in 2023 and has also served as an ambassador and a Call-On-Congress mentor.

In 2020, Carole was a model for The Colon Club “On the RISE” magazine. She serves on patient advisory panels for both Pfizer and Bayer. She is a member of the Pfizer Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer Patient Advisory Council and on the Pfizer Cachexia Advisory Council. She is also a member of the Edward J. DeBartolo Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Patient Advisory Board at The Cleveland Clinic.

Carole is a boy momma! She is a colorectal cancer survivor, living donor liver transplant recipient, and was the care partner to her late husband Mike Mancini. She is a “Buckeye” always and lives in Connecticut with her dog Indy.

Carole is a free spirit and often goes where the wind takes her. She loves the outdoors, traveling, and exploring new places. She considers herself a “cooking with cheese” wizard and bakes with the intention of breaking everyone from their diet!

She loves to hear people’s stories and talks to everyone in the grocery store.