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Kelly Ingram, Stage IV Survivor/Patient

Union Mills, Indiana

La historia de Kelly

As a nurse, I did what is recommended, and got screened at the age of 50. Originally, I was told that I had advanced stages of pre-cancer. However, with further testing I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in May 2015, with metastatic disease to my liver. In the last 1 1/2 years, I have had liver surgery (47 cancerous lesions on my right lobe), two colon surgeries, two lung surgeries, and numerous other procedures.

I have gone through radiation, and continue to undergo chemotherapy to keep my cancer stable. I remain optimistic, and encourage others to educate themselves. Although my cancer diagnosis is nothing I would have wished for, I have been blessed by the individuals that have touched my life along this bumpy road. I fight not only for myself and, my family but, for others.

I am from a tiny rural town in Northwest Indiana. I was so excited when I found out that I was selected as a scholarship recipient for Call-on-Congress. I can't wait to meet others that have been impacted by this disease. I KNOW that TOGETHER we can make a difference!

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Animo a los demás a que LUCHEN, a que no se rindan y a que se informen. No tengan miedo de pedir segundas opiniones y exijan la MEJOR atención médica.


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