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Aquia, Virginia

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The issues I noticed that lead to my cancer diagnosis actually started right after our daughter Abriena was born in Jan. 2015. I had a lot of pain in my tail bone, and had bleeding that would not stop.

I went to the doctor and they were sure that I had fractured my tail bone during labor (which is something that just has to heal itself), and the bleeding was from hemorrhoids. They said that everything would get better over time.

We moved, I got a new job and therefore new insurance. Once I met with my new primary care physician I told her about the symptoms I was experiencing, and what doctors had said six months ago.

My primary care physician told me that based on my age it was most likely a fractured tail bone and hemorrhoids, but to be safe I should have a colonoscopy done. So I nodded my head in agreement but in my mind I was thinking, "Oh! you trippin if you think I'm letting someone near my no no!"

Watch my YouTube video for more on how I got my diagnosis.

Consejos de Lisa

In life everybody has their own obstacles and circumstances that are not right or fair. Through my work as a counselor I am fortunate to know that when the unforeseen and unfair pain of life hits you it's all about the coping skills you arm yourself with. What works for one person might not work for another.

My personal experiences have had unforeseen and unfair pain, which taught me how to utilize and believe in the power of sublimation meaning turning a negative into a positive. I like to refer to it as giving your pain a purpose. So when it's all said and done you can look back on your experience as a lesson learned, an opportunity for growth and the peace of mind knowing that the pain wasn't all for nothing.

Painful and traumatic experiences in life can make you or break you based on how you choose to handle them.

Which is why cancer isn't going to control my life. I will decide how I choose to approach each day keeping in mind that some days will be harder then others.

To the best of my ability I will use this experience as an opportunity; to share my story in order to help others out there like me, gain a greater appreciation for my life and the beautiful people I am blessed to have in it. And most importantly teach my daughter how to never give up!

4 thoughts on "Meet the One Million Strong- Lisa Spottswood from Virginia"

  1. Estoy muy orgullosa de esta increíble joven. Se centra en sus clientes, a los que ayuda a recuperarse de la adicción, y en su preciosa hija de dos años, Brina. Ha aportado humor a sus días de infusión con disfraces, canciones y vídeos ingeniosos. Está decidida a seguir sonriendo a pesar de las cosas difíciles que tiene que manejar a diario. ¡Es una guerrera contra el cáncer!

  2. Por si aún no lo sabes, es absolutamente increíble y estoy orgulloso de tenerla como esposa y alma gemela.

  3. Me acaban de declarar libre de cáncer después de 5 años. Mi batalla contra el cáncer colorrectal en estadio 3 ha terminado por ahora: .... ¡Muchos efectos secundarios, pero me siento muy bien y feliz de estar viva!

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