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Waldorf, Pennsylvania

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In 2015, I started having problems with dizziness. I went to the doctor and urgent care several times. One night, I got up and could not take more than three steps without becoming terribly dizzy, so I went to the emergency room. They gave me six units of blood, I had nearly bled to death internally. I had stage IV colon cancer.

My diagnosis was so unexpected because there is no history of colon cancer in my family. My tumor was up near the appendix. My digestive system removed all traces of blood from my stool. I had a colonoscopy eighteen months previous to my diagnosis, but it was inconclusive because I did not have sufficient prep.

After the transfusion in the hospital, I had another colonoscopy that confirmed the presence of a tumor. I went into surgery the next day. The cancer had spread from my large intestines to the small intestines and to the peritoneum. The surgeon removed twelve inches of my large intestines, six inches of my small intestines, and part of my peritoneum. After surgery, I went through a full 12-week course of FOLFOX.

I have now had two completely clear CT Scans and no signs of cancer on my yearly colonoscopy. I know that few people with stage IV Colon Cancer who never have a clear CT Scan. I am very blessed. I feel better than I have in years. My only side effects are some residual peripheral neuropathy from the chemotherapy.

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