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Carole Motycka

Patients & Survivors Stage IV Colon Cancer Connecticut

Story: "I was diagnosed in 2016 with stage IV colorectal cancer. Genetic testing was completed. I had rare disease called JPS (Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome). Testing determined many family carried the same gene, even my young children. One son had three precancerous polyps at age 20. Through my diagnosis, we saved their lives.

I went on to have 19 surgeries, liver resection, and a lifesaving living donor liver transplant. I am a testimony that research and advanced therapies work to save lives!"

Advice: "You are your biggest advocate! Always ask questions and become educated about resources available to you.

Find your tribe and lean into them to help you navigate! They will meet you with open arms. Allow them to lift you up when you fall (and you will). Stand strong with them. It will make a difference in yours and in many lives to come.

You're scared. It's OK. Just don't hold onto it too long. Be social, know and seek technology and care. Advocate for access always! Write your own narrative."

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