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Stephanie Moore

Patients & Survivors Rectal Cancer Missouri
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Stephanie's story

In May 2009, just two months after my mom was diagnosed with rectal cancer, I was given the same diagnosis.

The local doctors told me to get ready to die: leaving three children ages 4, 9, and 12. My husband said, "Uanacceptable words!" and found hope in St. Louis.

It was difficult, emotionally and physically painful, but moments of hilarity, clarity, and firm resolve to fight helped me to endure.

The chances of this horrible disease returning are good, but knowing I want to be around to laugh with my children and husband make me think, "Yeah, I'll work at it!"

Pray, meditate, visualize, and whatever else you need to do to just survive is what you do.

Peace to all cancer warriors.

Stephanie's advice

Pray, meditate, visualize a life without this horrible disease, and scream!

Yes, allow yourself all the anger you want. You deserve the sounds of anger. It is this anger that grounds you and prepares you to do battle.

Then find the peace you will need to also do battle. It is the peace that gets you through the day-to-day tediousness of cancer and also allows you the bliss in those little victories.

What One Million Strong means to me

A glimpse at others who are fighting. The opportunity to light the torch of hope and pass it on to others. A feeling of, "I'm not alone."

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