13 Ideas for Creating Colorectal Cancer Awareness in March


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March is less than two short months away. Here are 13 ideas for creating colorectal cancer awareness in March. Pick one, five, nine, or all 13 ideas. Starting right now!

1. Register for Call-on Congress.

Call-on Congress is an annual Fight CRC advocacy event taking place in Washington, D.C., on March 13 and 14, 2023.

Fight CRC is the only colorectal cancer organization that dedicates a day of advocacy in Washington, D.C., where you can meet with your elected officials and share your story. 

Meetings are coordinated by the Fight CRC Advocacy Team, and you will receive training so that you are well-equipped and prepared to make a huge impact when you tell your story.

2. Submit a State Proclamation.

Ask your governor to declare Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March. 

  • It’s easy to do! 
  • We have an online toolkit to walk you through step by step. 
  • You can request a signed and sealed copy of your secured state proclamation.
  • Requesting and securing a state proclamation is free, and in most states it can be done online.

Asking your governor for a state proclamation is a great way to advocate for colorectal cancer awareness while helping take away shame and stigma tied to the disease.

3. Volunteer for United in Blue Installation Day.

Installation Day for United in Blue is Sunday, March 12, 2023. Join us and help place the 27,400 blue flags on the National Mall. 

Fight CRC is bringing together partners from across the colorectal cancer community and beyond to work collaboratively as we create awareness through the United in Blue installation. This installation will remain in place in Washington, D.C., for two-weeks. United in Blue is a breathtaking, stunning, and somber visual reminder that in 2030, more than 27,400 people under age 50 are projected to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. United in Blue casts a national spotlight on colorectal cancer and the urgent need to do so much more.

4. Share Your Story.

You can’t begin to imagine the number of people who will read your story and think, “That’s what happened to me!” Colorectal cancer may feel like an isolating disease, which no one talks about. But there’s no better way to create awareness and educate people about colorectal cancer than by sharing your story. Sharing your story helps you heal, and it also lets others know that “no one fights alone.” 

5. Take Action!

From the comfort and privacy of your home, from your laptop or phone, you can reach out to your elected representatives and ask them to support colorectal cancer initiatives through our action alerts.

If you are unable to attend Call-on Congress, you can still make an impact in the fight against colorectal cancer by filling out an action alert. When you sign an action alert, you create strength in numbers that is impossible to ignore!

United in Blue Honor a Loved One

6. Honor Your Loved One at our United in Blue Installation and our Wall of Champions.

With your donation, your loved ones’ name and photo will be displayed on a screen on the National Mall as part of the United in Blue installation, from March 12-24, 2023, as well as appear on our Wall of Champions on the Fight CRC website.

New in 2023, is the opportunity to sponsor a row of flags at the United in Blue installation.

We will not stop putting our flags into the ground until our elected officials prioritize colorectal cancer. We don’t have time to wait. United in Blue is a visual reminder that by 2030, colorectal cancer is expected to be the No. 1 cause of cancer death for those under the age of 50. 

United in Blue pays tribute to our community of Relentless Champions of Hope who have been, and will be, impacted by this disease.

7. Become a Fight CRC Social Media Champion!

There are so many opportunities to volunteer with Fight CRC. Becoming a Social Media Champion is a great way to share your talents if you enjoy social media! Volunteer opportunities vary in time commitment, from simple day-to-day activities to weekly time dedication. As a social media champion, you choose a comfortable level of involvement that works for you! Fill out our volunteer interest form, and someone from Fight CRC will be in touch with you shortly!

8. Light Your City or Town Blue.

#BlueforCRC, run by the Colon Cancer Coalition gives you all the information you need to know to light your city or town blue for March, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month!

Buildings, monuments, or bridges can light blue for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

9. Wear blue.

When you wear blue, you create awareness. Wear blue as often as you can in March. If you need blue in your wardrobe, we’ve got you covered! 

Bonus points for wearing any gear bearing the words “colorectal cancer.” Again, we’re here for you!

10. Decorate Your Home or Yard in Blue.

Any "big tree" in your front yard or backyard can be wrapped in blue lights

You can do it “on the cheap” and find blue LED lights on Amazon and have them delivered to your door.

11. Donate to Fight CRC!

If you don’t have time to attend Call-on Congress in person, or you’re just unable to, it’s OK! Make a donation to Fight CRC!

When you donate to Fight CRC, we provide education, training, and resources so that others can fight when you’re not able. Fight CRC is the only nonprofit colorectal cancer organization who brings advocates to Washington, D.C., and sets up meetings with elected officials. We are excited to be back in-person for Call-on Congress 2023!

Tim McDonald #Strongarmselfie

12. Post your #Strongarmselfie

Hop on social media, curl your arm, and take your #strongarmselfie. Be sure to tag @FightCRC. Fight CRC gets $1 for every #strongarmselfie posted. Tell a friend. Post often!

13. Get Screened.

Colorectal cancer is one of the only cancers you can prevent by finding polyps before turning into cancer. All adults over age 45 are at risk for colorectal cancer and should talk to their doctor about screening. Do you have a family history? Get screened 10 years before that family member was diagnosed

Be sure to get your colonoscopy or take your at-home test.

By 2030, colorectal cancer is projected to become the second-leading cause of cancer deaths of people ages 20–49. Unfortunately, a large percentage of that population isn’t eligible for screening.

Know your family history. Know the signs and symptoms to look for.

Don’t be embarrassed by signs and symptoms. The sooner you see a doctor for a colonoscopy, the better your outcome may be.

Tell Us More!

Which 13 ideas for creating colorectal cancer awareness in March did you implement?

Be sure to tag us @FightCRC and use #StrongArmSelfie #RelentlessChampions #ColorectalCancer #CRCAdvocacy when you start checking off your completed 13 ideas for creating colorectal cancer awareness in March!

We can’t wait to see and share what you’ve done!